10/28/14 - 11/22/14 I'm looking forward to having work in this show at Wheelock College's Towne Art Gallery, in Boston, MA:
Wheelock College Arts Faculty

1/21/15 Please join me in January 2015 for my inaugural solo show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery.

Currently I am working on a series of miniature sculptures whose forms draw simultaneously from science fiction and nature. Ultimately the work will exist as both 3-dimensional objects and as manipulated 2-dimensional imagery.

Untitled (Watch 1).. 3D model in composite image. 2014.

Could cloud. Copper, steel wire. 2014. 4"X5"X5"H approx.

Retro rocket. Mahogany, steel, cast aluminum. 2013. 3"X3"X2"H approx.

Ongoing work (untitled). Wood, steel, brass. 2013 -. Proof-of-concept, draft image only.

Ongoing work (untitled). Wood, steel, brass. 2013.